Our Fox Pest Control Process

Tom’s Pest Control London offers comprehensive fox control in London to address residents’ common issues. With Tom’s Pest Control, you benefit from effective fox control solutions that restore peace and safety to your London property, ensuring a fox-free environment. Our services include,

  • A detailed inspection.
  • Tailored treatment plans.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Prevention advice to keep foxes away from your property.
Fox Pest Control
Pest Control Inspection London


A skilled technician will visit your location to assess the situation. They’ll identify signs of fox activity, potential entry points, and any damage caused. This step is crucial for developing an effective fox removal strategy.

Pest Control Treatment London


Our treatment methods are designed with safety and effectiveness in mind. We use repellents that imitate fox pheromones, discouraging new foxes from entering the area. For areas where foxes are actively spotted, we strategically place baited cages to humanely trap and remove them.

Pest Prevention & Monitoring


To guarantee the success of the fox removal process, we can schedule follow up visits as required, to humanely capture and remove foxes. In the case of deterrent sprays, we can apply this solution periodically. This approach ensures all foxes are deterred or captured without harm to them, you or your pets and property.

Pest Disinfection Services


After removing the foxes, our exterminator will share tips to prevent future invasions. Simple actions like securing trash cans, removing outdoor pet food, blocking access points and eliminating potential shelter spots can make your property less appealing to foxes.

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If you’re experiencing problems with foxes in London, trust Tom’s Pest Control for a solution.

Our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for your fox control needs.

Tom’s Pest Control provides expert fox control and dead fox removal services to address these concerns. Our approach helps safeguard your family and pets from potential health risks and contributes to restoring London’s ecological balance. By managing the fox population, we support preserving local biodiversity and ensure that humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously.

Whether dealing with an immediate fox issue or seeking preventative measures, our London Pest Control experts is here to assist. Our targeted fox removal services are designed to resolve your fox-related problems effectively, keeping your environment safe and balanced.

Fox Pest Control Process

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Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control for Fox Removal

Tom’s Pest Control provides dedicated fox control, removal, and prevention services. Our team’s years of experience in residential and commercial spaces have taught us exactly what our customers need—prompt, reliable, and safe solutions to their problems.

We understand the urgency of fox control. That’s why we offer same or next-day service to address your concerns promptly. Our team consists of trained and certified specialists, who are well-versed in the most humane and family-friendly methods of fox control. We believe in transparency and provide comprehensive prices with upfront quotes so you know exactly what to expect.

Our local teams are not just experts in their field, but also part of your community. They’re committed to delivering a friendly and straightforward service experience, ensuring you’re delighted with the outcome. At Tom’s Pest Control, we’re proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

If you’re dealing with unwanted fox visitors in London, don’t wait for the problem to escalate. Contact Tom’s Pest Control today for a safe, effective, and tailored solution to your specific needs. We’re here to restore peace and safety to your property with our expert fox control, removal, and dead fox removal services.

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Professional Fox Control London

Professional Fox Control London

Tom’s Pest Control is your go-to solution for effective fox pest control in London. The Red Fox is the most widespread mammal in the UK, so Londoners frequently encounter these animals, leading to various concerns. These include the safety of pets and livestock, as foxes are known to prey on smaller animals. Their scavenging behaviours can also lead to unwanted messes around your property, from ripped bin bags to damaged gardens.

Our skilled team provides comprehensive fox control services tailored to address these challenges head-on. We understand the adaptability and opportunistic nature of foxes, so our approach is humane and strategic, focusing on removal and prevention. Our expertise extends to dead fox removal, ensuring your environment remains clean and safe.

Seeking professional help for fox issues is crucial, not only for the welfare of the foxes, protected under UK law, but also to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your household or business premises. Tom’s Pest Control offers a reliable fox removal service that respects wildlife laws while safeguarding your interests.

If you’re experiencing problems with foxes in London, trust Tom’s Pest Control for a solution. Our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for your fox control needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Tom's Pest Control in London offer for fox pest control?

Tom’s Pest Control in London specialises in comprehensive fox pest control services designed to safely and effectively manage fox populations in your area. Our services include humane trapping, exclusion techniques to prevent fox entry, deterrent sprays and other expert advice on making your property less attractive to foxes. We use environmentally friendly methods to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Preventing foxes from entering your property involves a few key strategies. Firstly, ensure that all food sources are securely stored and tightly sealed in waste bins. Installing too high fencing for foxes to jump and digging it into the ground can also deter them. Tom’s Pest Control in London can provide personalised advice and assistance in implementing effective fox deterrent measures.

While foxes are generally not aggressive towards humans, they can pose indirect risks by carrying diseases such as mange, leptospirosis, and even rabies in rare cases. Additionally, foxes can harm small pets, dig holes, and make a mess searching for food. Implementing fox pest control measures helps to mitigate these risks and protect your property.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we prioritise humane methods for fox removal. We use live traps to capture foxes without causing them harm and then remove them from your property to ensure they are dealt with safely. Our team is trained in humane handling techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals.

Tom’s Pest Control in London offers emergency fox pest control services. We understand that some situations require immediate attention, and our team is available to provide rapid and practical solutions to your fox problems. Contact us for prompt assistance.If you have further questions about our fox pest control services or wish to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom’s Pest Control in London.

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