Understanding the Top 7 Pest Issues in Commercial Buildings

Top 7 Pest Issues in Commercial Buildings

Why is pest control crucial for commercial spaces in London? While full of activity, these bustling buildings also attract pests that can cause major problems. These disease-carrying creatures can seriously harm a business’s reputation, causing property damage and health risks. Plus, every employer has to ensure all employees’ health, safety, and welfare. This article will […]

Safeguard Your Business: 6 Essential Pest Control Tips

Safeguard Your Business

No business is immune to pest issues, which can quickly escalate from minor nuisances to significant problems affecting employees, customers, and visitors. Pests not only create discomfort for employees, leading to decreased productivity and morale, but they can also deter customers, destroying your reputation and potentially causing revenue loss. The pest control industry in the […]

Recognising Rodent Infestations: Signs to Watch for and Prevention Strategies

Rodent Infestations

One of the most unsettling experiences for any homeowner is discovering a rodent within the confines of their own home or business. It’s not just the sight of one rodent; it’s the certainty that where there’s one, more are likely lurking nearby. Beyond the immediate discomfort, a rodent infestation can swiftly escalate into a significant […]

Best Practices for Deterring Pigeons from Your Property

Deterring Pigeons from Your Property

Pigeons are common in urban areas and can become more than a minor inconvenience. Their nesting habits can create significant health challenges, especially when they settle on your property. Pigeon droppings are unsightly and carry health risks for humans and pets, including diseases like Ornithosis, Listeria, and E. coli. Dry droppings can become airborne, causing […]

Ensuring Business Hygiene: The Importance of Commercial Pest Control in London

The Importance of Commercial Pest Control in London

Running a business in London presents many challenges, and dealing with pests wreaking havoc on your operations is one of them. Whether it’s pesky ants, birds, or rodents, a pest infestation can lead to problems that tarnish your business’s reputation and hurt your bottom line. Did you know that ant treatments in the UK accounted […]

Top 10 Factors to Evaluate When Hiring Pest Control Company in London

Factors to Evaluate When Hiring Pest Control company in London

If you’re navigating the maze of pest control services in London, you’ve come to the right place. Whether those pesky critters are making a mess of your home or causing headaches at your business, choosing the right pest control company is key to getting things under control. If you’re looking for pest control in London, […]

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in London?

Pest Control Cost London

Dealing with a pest infestation in your home can be unsettling and pose health risks to you and your family. At Tom’s Pest Control, we prioritise health, safety, and effective solutions in all our pest control services. Our expertise in handling various pests allows us to tailor our methods to each unique situation, ensuring thorough […]